How to Open a Photo Studio – Working on a Business Plan

How to Open a Photo Studi

Many people today want to become photographers. It is not surprising that every alternative person dreams about opening a photo studio. The thing is that in recent years interest in photography has grown to such an extent that studio photo sessions began to be in demand not only among models who want to refill their portfolios with professional photographs. Every remarkable moment in our lives is to be captured by a professional photographer.

It is not necessary to be a photographer to open a photo studio; a businessman can successfully run this business. So why not to use such a profitable business idea? Of course, opening a photo studio requires a lot of investment because good equipment costs a lot. But with the right marketing policy, all spent money and power will pay off more in just a few months. Let’s consider what’s necessary to open a photo studio and make it a profitable business.

Select the Office

It is better to have a photo studio close to the center, with convenient parking and easy-to-get location. In my opinion, the area of ​​the studio should be at least 60 square meters; it should also include a make-up room, checkroom, and administrator’s workplace. Otherwise, it will be difficult to place lighting equipment in a smaller working area. Pay special attention to the height of the ceiling when choosing a room for a photo studio. It must be at least 3 m – 3.5 m. Further, the walls, floor, and ceiling should be painted in a single color, usually white, gray, or black. The advantage of white walls is that they allow you to create a gloss effect when shooting. Gray color avoids changing the color temperature but makes it possible to shoot objects with a high reflection coefficient.

Equipment for the Photo Studio

Equipment for the Photo StudioIt is important to choose a good camera in case you want to become a photographer. I can say that it is not necessary to spend huge money on top-end models. You can purchase Canon EOS 40D Body or Nikon D80 and make quality photos. Besides, it is highly recommended to have a great shutter resource and a widescreen matrix to shoot photos that will be printed in large formats. Both Canon and Nikon offer products similar in quality and price, but Canon has a wider range of lenses and accessories. So it’s up to you to choose what fits you better.

Business Plan Matters

When planning the opening of a photo studio, it is necessary to determine how much money it requires. All costs and revenues should be carefully drawn and calculated. To do this, I elaborated a detailed business plan of a photo studio, which contained information about the organizational legal form of the business, its profitability, efficiency, affordable ways of advertising, and so on. After making all the calculations, I came to realize that I needed a personal credit. After obtaining a bank loan, I have opened a photo studio and returned all the money to the bank within just one year. My dream came true, and now my business is really successful. Am I happy? Certainly.