How to Retrieve Deleted or Damaged Photos?


How to Retrieve Deleted or Damaged Photos

Have mistakenly deleted commemorative photos? Do not know how to get them back on your PC or camera? Do not worry! Owing to the current highly technological development and numerous software solutions, it should not be a big deal to restore any file. So, even if you mistakenly clear up the memory of the camera, format a flash drive/ the hard disk without copying valuable photos in advance you can still get them back. Special programs will assist you in restoring images even if your photo archives have been formatted or damaged as a result of some failure.How to Retrieve Deleted or Damaged Photos

Star Laser Photo Recovery

There is probably no such a person who doesn’t use a digital camera, whether professional or just built into the mobile phone. On average, the archive of each user weights a few gigabytes, and there is nothing more terrible than losing precious footage of the important moments of your life. Losing the files is easy, but, fortunately, restoring them is not a problem at all if you have Star Laser Photo Recovery.

The solution uses a handy wizard aimed at making the process of product installation easy and quick. While installing the program, decide on the drive you are going to retrieve files to. Be advised that you cannot install the program on a disk or in a section containing the recoverable data.How to Retrieve Deleted or Damaged Photos

How to retrieve photos?

The application is designed as a step-by-step solution, which will help to specify all the necessary settings for finding and restoring photos. During the analysis, the application will enable you to see the list of recovered images and pick the ones to be restored.

Filtering restored photos

Filtering restored photos

At this stage, you can specify the necessary criteria for finding files. In such a way, the application will look for files of a certain date, size, or name. What is more, you can disable the filter by selecting the “All Files” option, filtering the files by mask (this option is only available if the “Normal Scan” is selected in the previous step) or select the required file types from the suggested ones. The filtering and sorting functions implemented in the program will help you to shorten the list of files and get back only those images you truly need. Upon the completion of section scanning, all files found on it will be displayed in a separate window and will be available for preview.

No higher education is necessary to do the file restoring procedure. Owing to the highly intuitive interface of the program, even a schooler can successfully manage the task.

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  1. PhotoLab_Man says:

    What a pity that I just now found your article.
    A month ago I accidentally deleted all photos on the memory card. I had to pay 1000 dollars for the restoration of photos. These were wedding photos.

    1. BeechPhotographer says:

      I think you were deceived

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